3 Caribbean Islands You Can’t Miss On Your Next Trip

3 Caribbean Islands You Can’t Miss On Your Next Trip

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Are you ready for that long-awaited excursion to the Caribbean? Whether it is in your dreams or right around the corner, it’s never too early to start planning a trip to the pearl of the Western Hemisphere. These three islands offer everything a new traveler to Caribbean is looking for and more.


This French Caribbean Island is more than a picturesque vacation spot. Martinique is lucky to be blessed with the winning combination of lush scenery, magnificent food, one of the most vibrant cultures in the region and, last but not least, 11 rum distilleries. If it exists in the Caribbean you can find it on Martinique. Thanks to a new direct flight from Miami it’s easier to get to than in years past, and you know you want to experience its distinctive blend of French and African culture. Martinique isn’t exactly the Caribbean you know; it’s for those of us with a sense of adventure. The atmosphere is exotic, foreign, and beautiful, this island that will make you love traveling all over again.


Only a simple ferry ride away from Martinique, Dominica is known as the Caribbean’s Nature Island. With vast expanses of nature preserves, there’s nothing quite like it in the Caribbean. Some think of Dominica as perhaps the most naturally beautiful island in the Caribbean, and for good reason. All on one picturesque island you can find incredible hiking, volcanic mountains, and spectacularly lush flora and fauna. There are seemingly endless expanses of green everywhere off the beaten path on the island. From the relatively untouched Kalinago Territory to the renowned diving opportunities in Dominica’s shallow waters, it’s no wonder Dominica is considered jewel of the Caribbean.

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Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe

On the western half of the Guadeloupe archipelago, this rainforest-covered, mountainous island hides all of the best the Caribbean has to offer in its lush forests. Thanks to the Soufriere volcano this island is particularly rich with natural beauty. Visit Saint-Claude and it’s world renowned coffee and banana plantations. One Basse-Terre you can find a taste of everything delectable from the eastern Caribbean: delicious Creole cooking, tiny fishing villages, beautiful beaches, and east access to the more islands than you can count. Basse-Terre is both rugged and beautiful, full of ancient power but possessing a reserved character. Be sure to include it in your next trip to the Caribbean!

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