3 Traits Of Highly Successful Leaders

3 Traits Of Highly Successful Leaders

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Not all leaders perfected their skills over night. For some, there may have been a bit of trial and error before goals were achieved. There are three traits of highly successful leaders, and here is an overview:


Vision is the ability to vividly imagine how the future will be. A leader must have great vision because he or she needs to know in what direction they plan on taking the company. For instance, a leader in charge of running a multi-million dollar adult mental health treatment facility might envision adding services for children and adolescents in the future. He or she might visualize how providing services to a new group of consumers might go and how it might substantially increase revenue for the company.


If a leader does not plan, then the future will be very uncertain.  Of course plans don’t always go as expected, but a good leader will not only have a primary plan, but a contingency plan will be set in place as well. A contingency plan will increase the leader’s plan of leading his or her team to success, despite any unexpected occurrences.

In order to be a successful planner, a leader must create a written plan before things can be set into action. The plan must be step-by-step to include everything necessary to guide a company from point A to point B. Again, if a leader decides to begin offering mental health treatment to children and adolescents when they have only treated adults in the past, then specific plans must be created. Admission criteria must be determined, new therapists must be hired, who specializes in providing treatment to children, and much more. Once a complete plan has been written and approved by the appropriate individuals, the next step can take place.


Execution has to be strategically planned, because if a plan is set into motion at the wrong time, then disaster could occur. For instance, by deciding to offer mental health services to children and adolescents, advertisements need to be made, so prospective patients will be aware that the agency now treats all ages. If the public isn’t aware that the agency offers services to children and teens, then the business won’t be successful.

Anyone who possesses these three essential skills can be a very successful leader. If the skills aren’t already present, then leadership classes and seminars can help to prepare future leaders for success.

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