6 Best Mediation Apps To Help You Focus

6 Best Mediation Apps To Help You Focus

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Why Meditation Can Help You Succeed In Business

Stress is business can overwhelm the mind.  The best leaders in business stay calm in moments of stress, uncertainty, and restlessness.  Learning how to control your mind and notice when unfocused thoughts come into play is the first steps of learning to relax.  Too many business leaders are “on edge” which can lead to bad decisions with a business deal or managing employees. The whole point of meditation is to gain clarity and perspective.   Here are the top 6 apps for your smartphone that can help you learn this technique.



The Headspace app is quite popular in Britain, with even some British celebrities unofficially endorsing the app. The app lays down the instructions in the most comprehensible manner, making it an easier app to learn and follow for beginners. The courses are divided in levels, with the first level comprising 10-minute sessions. These small sessions are to help users habituate to meditation. The first level is free to download; the subsequent levels need to be paid for.


Buddhify is a meditation app that’s more encompassing than any other app on this list. It’s meant for individuals who are ready to embrace meditation fully and make it an integral part of their routine lives. The app has meditation exercises that are supposed to help with different aspects of living and thriving, which includes sleeping, traveling, being online, etc. In fact, there is a total of 80 guided meditation tracks, with each track lasting anywhere from five to 30 minutes. From the sound of it, Buddhify may sound overwhelming, which it’s not. Even first-timers are welcome to try out this app and benefit.


As the name indicates, Calm helps restore “calm” in your life. The app offers a seven-day course to help beginners start meditating. There are different options as far as music tracks, their duration, and also nature images that help focus visually during meditation. The program comprises several unguided and guided sessions. The initial course is free. However, once you’ve become familiar with the basics and would like to proceed further, you can graduate to a 21-day premium course.


The Omvana app offers guided meditation tracks for different times of a day. There are also virtual meditation experts on-board. The app comprises different focus tracks that help with stress, relaxation, mindfulness, sleep, etc. Unlike other meditation apps, there are no pre-determined track durations. You could choose the length of time you’d want to play a particular track, which starts at three minutes and maxes out at an hour. The app also lets its users to mix music and concoct unique background tracks.

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is an app targeting kids and youngsters – adults are welcome as well. The programs are categorized to cater to users of different age groups. For instance, there’s a program uniquely designed for kids belonging to the 7-11-year age group. The program is supposed to assist kids with balancing their emotions. Since the app started out as a kids- and youth-only meditation app, a lot of the literature is easy-to-use, clear. Also, the app is completely free.

Take a Break!

Take a Break! supposedly helps you take peaceful breaks in between work or routine life. The break can be long or short, depending on your requirements. Also, you may choose session(s) with or sans music. In case you are new to the world of meditation, there’s also an easy-to-follow instruction guide. This app, similar to most other apps on this list, was designed to help office-goers and business professionals cut themselves out from the routine noise and stress and enter stress-free mode at will.

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