Cardio Techniques that are Fast and Efficient for Getting Going in the Morning

Cardio Techniques that are Fast and Efficient for Getting Going in the Morning

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Cardio: everyone’s not-so-favorite C-word. Although it might not be everyone’s favorite exercise, cardio definitely has its place in just about any good fitness program. There are several reasons why you need to do cardio exercises, including the obvious one that it’s beneficial to cardiovascular health. Certainly, you’ll find that from strength training, but the advantages of cardio involve boosts to aerobic capability, as well, which includes a nice little benefit with regards to cardiovascular health – it’s much easier to keep on working on it. And, obviously, cardio is an excellent fat burning tool.

Here are a couple of cardio techniques that will let you get the most out of it:

Hill Sprints

Certainly one of the best forms of intense cardio, hill sprints will make you huffing and puffing but you’re all the better for it. Hill sprints will make you leaner and faster, and could your cardio conditioning a boost. There’s not much to prescribe when it comes to hill sprints and the only advice we could give is to sprint as much as you can until your body asks you to stop.

Jump Rope

It’s hard to talk about cardio techniques without mentioning jump ropes. This cardio-blasting tool burns more calories per minute than just about any other physical activity. When it comes to using rope for cardio, there are two options that you have: first, you can do jump as many as you can within a 30-minute period. Second, you can jump rope on intervals of one minute on and one minute off. Repeat for 10 minutes.

Stop Making Excuses by AndrewDorko

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Stair Sprints

Most people prefer to do their cardio outdoors. However, there are times when the streets are too crowded or simply the cold is unbearable. For indoor cardio, one of the best exercises that you can do is stair sprints. This one is pretty self-explanatory and easy to do but it will condition your cardiovascular capabilities like no other. The best part is, you can easily integrate this exercise in your daily life. Like, why take the elevator when you can take the stairs?

As you can see, cardio sessions don’t have to be boring. There are many methods and techniques that will improve your cardiovascular health that don’t involve running on the dreaded treadmill. Find the cardio activity that works for you and work from there. However, if you can do better than running in the treadmill or moderately jogging, step up your cardio game.

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