Book Review: The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy

Book Review: The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy

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Darren Hardy’s ‘The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster’ is the kind of book that makes you sit up and pay attention. He uses the roller coaster as an interesting metaphor for the ride that every business owner is up for. Hardy’s writing is engaging and holds the reader’s focus from the very first page and carries through. This is what makes the book distinct from all the other books on entrepreneurship out there.

Stories to Tell
People love storytellers. What they love even more are storytellers who leave an impact long after a book had been read from cover to cover. And this is what Hardy achieves with ‘The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster’. He uses personal anecdotes and stories from the lives of great leaders to narrate the tenets of business management. He focuses on the emotion and internal factors that drive a person rather than dry business strategies and techniques. The success of a business is dependent on these internal factors rather than external ones, he says.

The book is divided into chapters that sort of flow into each other. This makes reading fun and offers quite a ride in itself. Chapters are given interesting titles, such as ‘The Height Requirement,’ ‘Riding in the Front Seat’ and ‘Hands in the Air.’ All of these are related to that exhilarating roller coaster ride that he compares with the life of an entrepreneur.

Darren Hardy dwells on all aspects of running a business. This includes the day to day drudgery and the long hours spent away from loved ones. He does not hesitate from pointing out the pitfalls or highlighting the advantages that come from owning one’s business enterprise.

Lessons to Imbibe
Hardy dwells on all aspects of entrepreneurship. This includes recruitment, leadership, marketing, motivation and planning. Interestingly, he speaks about the fact that not everyone is meant to be an business owner. It is crucial that people introspect and understand what fills them with passion. Once they are sure of this, it must become the fuel that powers them through the nitty gritty that is an integral part of a business owner’s life.

The book is created to impassion and empower the entrepreneur in each reader. It takes a realistic look at the hardships and struggles that business owners face on a daily basis. And also on the sheer joy and thrill they experience when they achieve success. Each chapter comes with worksheets and online resources that can help a reader take home lessons from the book and truly benefit from them. It is not a step by step guide to starting a business, but a book that digs deep into the emotion and hard work that success demands. And this is what helps the author make a great connection with his readers.

Hardy helps new and experienced entrepreneurs clearly identify common business pitfalls and avoid them. He speaks in detail about the skills that are essential for an entrepreneur to lead from the front. Interestingly, while the book does focus on the roller coaster ride of owning one’s own business it also has relevance in all other areas of the reader’s life. Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you that the greatest challenge for a business owner is being able to demarcate their personal and professional lives. Working for oneself is a choice that is not meant for every person.

The Audience
This book is penned for anyone who is passionate about being a businessperson. It is ideal for start-up business owners, and for people who are still standing in queue and are hesitant to buy their ticket on to the roller coaster. It is also for entrepreneurs who are struggling, and find it difficult to find the focus that ultimately decides the fate of an enterprise. Hardy offers insights, practical advice and tips on every issue that an entrepreneur faces in the business world today.

I definitely recommend that if you’re in business for yourself, or thinking about taking the plunge that you go out and grab this book!

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