Facts Regarding Workplace Productivity

Facts Regarding Workplace Productivity

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Employee workplace productivity is comprised of efficiency, interest, skills and the expertise of the employee. The working environment plays an important role in strengthening the relationship of an employee with higher management. All the departments of the organization contribute equally in the organization’s success and performance in the work place. There are a number of facts and realities about workplace productivity. For more on myself, including business aspirations and motivations take a look at this recent interview.

Following are some of these facts:

1. There are always politics in the working environment of the organization. Employees are competitive with each other in order to achieve success. Especially close co-workers who have to report to the same boss. Spreading rumors about an employee is just one of the tactics that have been used by employees to edge out their competition.

2. The HR (Human Resource) department of the organization plays an important role in defining rules and regulations for the employees. They determine the actual requirement of the employees and put pressure on them to follow all the rules while they are doing their job.

3. Both the internal and external factors of the organization influence workplace productivity. The external influencing factors include government policies, the activities of competitors, climate condition and many others. The internal factors include the mood of the employees, the temperature, the culture of organization, health of the employees, ethics and the technology required for staff efficiency.

4. Handling the team is the responsibility of the boss. Handling process includes activities in team work, the communication process and the assignment of the tasks. The team manager, or project manager, reports to upper management.

5. It is a fact that social media has a strong influence on workplace productivity. On one side it can put negative effects on employees spend most of their times on social media activities, but on the other side the overall productivity of the organization increases using social media because it is the best tool for advertising and search engine optimization.

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6. Organizations, especially the small ones, don’t focus on hiring new employees. Most of the time, they put the work pressure on the existing employees. If it does not work, then they hire the new employees to overcome the problem.

7. The organization’s management block all the websites in the working place that distract the employees from their working activities.

8. Organizations ban alcoholic products in their working place. The reason behind it is that that they don’t want to distract their employees from their activities or lower their performance level.

9. The successes of the employee oriented organizations give a break to all the employees to be fresh and get back to work again. This relaxing activity is designed after every month for the employees.

10. The material of the working place should be replaced with new one after a regular interval of time and the management should also focus on the employee’s health. If the employees are not healthy, the rate of absenteeism will also increase on the basis of which the organizational activities will be disturbed.

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