Five of My Favorite Places to Travel In Europe

Five of My Favorite Places to Travel In Europe

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For a lot of people, Europe is a magical place to be that ends up in most people’s must-visit destinations. When planning a trip to Europe, you will quickly find out that you have a wide range of destinations to choose from and it can become quite overwhelming. Unless you have unlimited travel funds and just visit each one of them, you will likely need to narrow down your choices of top destinations. In that case, you should feel lucky because I am here to help. For additional tips, take a look at my Travel Tips section on my site!

Here are five of my most favorite places to travel in Europe.

1. Prague – used to be a hidden gem because its flashier neighbors overshadowed it. However, Prague has continued to attract tourists more than ever. Being in Prague feels like you’re in an urban fairy tale. We have beautiful narrow streets, storied churches, hilltop castles and statue-lined bridges. What I like most about Prague is that it offers an awe-inspiring experience without blowing your budget.

2. Venice – the romantic gondola rides isn’t just the “City of Water’s” primary attraction. Venice is simply the definition of enchanting. From the breathtaking Grand Canal to the Ponte degli Scalzi (Bridge of the Barefoot), you will swear that you are hearing faint violins while exploring the area. Stick to walking to soak in that Venetian ambiance.

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3. Rome – Italy’s capital city is simple a must-visit as far as European destinations are concerned. Apart from its mythic history, Rome offers breathtaking art destinations, iconic landmarks, and cutting-edge restaurants. Most travels will agree that there is something magical about Rome, and yours truly is one of them.

4. London – most people would equate a European getaway to a visit to this two-millenia old city – and for good reason. This is where the antiquated meets the contemporary. Life in London is invigorating and you’ll find yourself not running out of things to see and do. What I love most in London is the pub culture if that’s your thing. Of course, you also don’t want to miss the dining scene.

5. Amsterdam – there’s more to Amsterdam than its Red Light District and its coffee shops. Surprising is the whole slew of ethnic establishments that can be found within the area, mostly Indonesian. Some of the must-visit destinations include De Pijp, Vondelpark, Anne Frank House, Artis Zoo and Van Gogh Museum. Also, get yourself acquainted with Amsterdam’s love of pancakes.

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