Four of the Smartest Ad Campaigns Launched in 2015

Four of the Smartest Ad Campaigns Launched in 2015

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In this day and age, people have stopped paying attention to ads. There are even instances where people were willing to pay money just so they could skip watching or seeing advertisements. With that said, companies have been putting some real work with their ads in the hopes of capturing the viewer’s attention. If a certain ad is funny or clever or both, there is a good chance that it will go viral and stick with the public’s mind. This is what companies have been banking on these days.

Thus, we took the liberty of gathering some of the best and smartest ad campaigns that happened in 2015.

Chevrolet – Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is no stranger at some of the most memorable advertisements in the history of televisions. This is where advertisers really pull out their big guns. Chevrolet managed to trick millions of people that there’s something wrong with their television during the Super Bowl of all times. Seconds later, people were relieved that it was just an ad for the Chevrolet Colorado’s built-in 4G WiFi capabilities.

Google – “Furever Friends”

Adding a dog into your ads will automatically make it likely be more memorable. Now, Google has upped the ante with its Android advertisement by adding many different adorable animals interacting with each other in the most adorable ways. This was such a successful campaign because to video ad tech company Unruly, it is not just the most shared video in 2015 but of all time as well.

Sport England – “This Girl Can”

This successful ad campaign is one for the ladies. This is a multi-award-winning campaign is designed to empower women to get in shape and start sweating. There is something therapeutic in seeing women of all ages, sizes, shapes, and fitness levels get their sweat on. The empowering ad has motivated a lot of women to get into an active lifestyle which certainly extends the legacy of the campaign. – “Slap her”

This is an ad for a public service announcement and the video is from an Italian video journalist. Young boys aged 6 to 11 years old to slap the girl in front of them. As for their reactions, you will have to see the video. This 3-minute anti-domestic violence video has been viewed in YouTube more than 30 million times making it one of the most viral ads for the year 2015.

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