How to Identify a Mental Hurdle and Then How to Overcome It

How to Identify a Mental Hurdle and Then How to Overcome It

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If you want to be successful in life, you need to have certain qualities that make you the kind of person that attracts success. People who are seeking extraordinary success need to have emotional competence, mental clarity and the inclination to break the status quo. Although having a great idea is a start, it becomes useless if you can’t act on it. The main reason why many of us don’t move forward is due to mental roadblocks – the emotional barriers that we tend to create.

Here are some of the most common mental hurdles and how to overcome them so you can move forward and be successful.

I Don’t Have the Time

When going after your dreams and goals, the ultimate question is: If not now, when? If you can surf the web or browse your Facebook account for hours on end, why don’t you take the time to work on this good idea you’ve been having? For sure, you can set aside an hour or two per week to start your project development. It’s not about having time, it about making time.

I Don’t Have the Skills

In all likelihood, you do have the skills but you don’t know what yet. First, analyze the skills that you have, the things you are good at. Then, think of the ways that you can use these skills; preferably in ways that can support your good idea. You can repackage your skill so you can use them in fresh new ways.

I Don’t Have the Resources

You might think that you can’t afford it but the truth is: you can’t afford not to. Breaking down your goals and dreams into actionable steps will cost you nothing. If you don’t have the funds, you can take baby steps in order to get started. Try saving in other areas or trading off some expenses to spark your idea. Find a way in order to become resourceful and successful.

I Don’t Have an Original Idea

There’s always the feeling that your idea isn’t truly original anymore but don’t let that stop you. In reality, there is a market for anything provided that you determine your target market and niche. Focus on coming up with better solutions to the customers’ most common problems. Give your idea a fresh and innovative twist to set yourself apart from the competition. Just be sure to do your research and talk to people. Take some inspiration from in finding that innovative original idea.

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