How to Prepare for Your Daily Run During the Winter Season

How to Prepare for Your Daily Run During the Winter Season

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The winter season sure brings a lot of challenges to the table. Aside from the freezing cold, it can also put your fitness routine to a halt. Obviously, this is less applicable to those who are exercising indoors like a gym but for those who are more active outdoors, the cold won’t be doing them any favors. If you run for your daily exercise, it’s easy to just submit and go on hibernation mode. However, do you really want to put off your fitness routine and progress due to the cold?

Make sure to warm up properly before any run to ensure no serious injuries. Take a look at the following video to get an idea of an efficient warmup.

Warm Up for Running – From Metabo Pure by MetaboPure

Here are some surefire tips that will help you prepare for your daily run during the winter season:

Dress Thin With Wicking Layers

Begin with a thin layer of synthetic material like polypropylene, which draws sweat from the body. Avoid cotton since it props up moisture and definitely will keep you wet. An external, breathable layer of nylon will protect your from strong winds and precipitation, while also still releasing moisture and heat to stop chilling and overheating. If it is really freezing outside, a middle layer like fleece may be required for extra insulation.

Run With a Buddy or Group

You can make your winter running a safe and social routine by going with a buddy or group. Not only will you keep things interesting and fun with your little chats but this ensures that safety of everyone as well. As an alternative, you may also run with your pets in order to beat the winter blues. Just make sure you have emergency measures at the ready.

Be Visible

If you are planning to run in the dark during the winter, make sure that you make yourself visible by wearing flashing lights or reflective gear. This is to make you very visible to the traffic. When it’s snowing, you should wear bright clothing. Make sure that you have identification or runner’s ID in your shoe or pocket for the worse case scenarios.

Hit the Treadmill

We highly encourage that you brave the cold and just run. However, there are numerous instances where running is out of the question. For example if the wind chill is below negative 20 or the road is covered in ice, don’t gamble on it and just hit the treadmill. Having a backup plan like hitting a treadmill is always best in case running outdoors is not viable.

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