Interviewing Troy Caruso, Radium2 Capital Chief Executive Officer

Interviewing Troy Caruso, Radium2 Capital Chief Executive Officer

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Radium2 Capital

Troy Caruso is the innovative CEO for Radium2 Capital, a financing company in the alternative financing space. Radium helps startups and entrepreneurs access development funding to help launch their business. They help ease the struggle of financing a new business by linking their clients with capital as quickly as possible.

Their goal is to keep the momentum going. Failing to find initial financing is often the death of a lot of ideas. Radium2 Capital’s goal is to make sure that does not happen.

Tell us about a person or business organization you admire. How has their influence made an impact on your leadership style at Radium2 Capital?

That is a tough one because anybody who pushes through and perseveres inspires me. Anybody who learns from their mistakes and failures inspires me. If you are still hanging on, you inspire me. My team inspires me. They are the reason Radium2 Capital is so successful and helps so many entrepreneurs.

Troy Caruso Radium2 Capital

I am probably most inspired by my clients, though. They are the ones fighting through to make it and they are doing everything they can.

It makes me feel good to know that we are helping good people with strong values and future leaders of innovation.

What makes you happiest and most effective when leading others on your team?

I am happy when my team is happy. The only way this can be done is to make sure I have the same expectations for myself as I do my team. When I see my team emulating the same qualities that I uphold myself to, I know I’m doing a good job.

What’s one of your favorite books that you’ve read more than once?

The Men, The Mission, And Me” by Pete Blaber is a book about military leadership with a message that can apply to any industry. For example, one thing that Blaber stresses is to always trust those what the soldiers who have boots on the ground are saying. They are in the thick of it, they are in the trenches. They know what’s going on in ways that an officer or a leader can’t know because of a certain leadership insulation that can’t be avoided.

At Radium2, we also use this philosophy by listening to everything our clients tell us. They know what they are facing. We take their unique perceptions and deliver customized solutions that work for their particular place in the market. It not only makes us leaders in the business but also helps us sleep well at night knowing that we are helping people.

With respect to holding a leadership role, what are some of the challenges you are faced with?

Asking for help has long been a challenge that I have often struggled with. Luckily, my team helps me overcome this. I continually work on communicating with them and they continually help me meet the needs of our clients. Scheduling daily sales meetings has helped me keep up with this.

How has running daily meetings had an impact on the growth of Radium2 Capital?

Yes. I can’t stress enough how important my team is and the daily communication is vital. This is where Blaber’s advice about listening to those with boots on the ground also applies. They keep me updated on what is happening in the trenches.

These meetings also help me keep my team up with the things I need help with and give me feedback on new ideas. Radium has often benefited from an idea for new technology or a different way to approach a certain industry that has come from thee meetings. Daily meetings are a cornerstone of why we excel in the funding space.

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