InventureX: Crowdfund Marketing by the Experts

InventureX: Crowdfund Marketing by the Experts

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It used to be intimidating for entrepreneurs to secure a meeting with a bank or investor to get the capital they needed to launch their concept. That sentence is in the past tense because modern entrepreneurs now have the option to raise capital from the masses on platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGogo.

Of course, placing a profile on these platforms does not guarantee that you’ll get the money you need. In fact, the process is a lot more intricate than you might expect! Thankfully, crowdfunding marketing services such as InventureX can help you navigate the process and secure a desirable outcome.

A Closer Look At InventureX

InventureX specializes in making sure that the right people see your crowdfunding campaign. They generate a buzz before you’re even collecting money, creating an audience that’s eager to invest in your idea. They’ll also make a video that conveys your message in a manner that anyone can understand.InventureX can help your crowdfund see success.

Once the donations start pouring in, the company utilizes cutting-edge social media marketing strategies and targeted Facebook ads to make sure that your target audience knows exactly what you’re up to. They’ll also help interact with your donor base so people can attach a face to your brand.

How Does It Work?

Raising money is one thing, but keeping it is another. Sites such as KickStarter only charge donors if an idea reaches its stated goal, meaning that you wasted a ton of time with zero benefit if you fail to get there. Underestimating your needs can also be problematic, as you are legally liable to deliver on whatever you promised your investors even if you don’t have enough money to develop it. That is a great way to ruin a startup.Crowdfunding marketing services like InventureX can make a world of difference.

The experts at InventureX can help you determine how much money you actually need, allowing you to set a realistic target and launch your company.

They can also help you with your incentive structure. It is customary for donors to receive some sort of gift in exchange for their donation, from a limited production run product to the chance to influence the final product in some way. Figuring out the right combination to get big donors to contribute while also encouraging smaller investors can be tricky, but the experts at InventureX can help you get there!

Is It Effective?

InventureX has successfully managed hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns since the company launched in 2012. How much money you’re looking for doesn’t matter, as InventureX has experience with large and small campaigns alike! Their services can also be tailored to your budget, ensuring that they are accessible to every entrepreneur with a great idea.

Many successful past campaigns are listed directly on their website. For example, they helped raise $175,373 for a sleep monitor called RestOn, 308 percent of their goal! They also raised $504,986 for The Peachy Printer, the first truly affordable 3D printer to hit the market. Testimonials are also present praising the company for how easy they are to work with.

A New Frontier For Crowdfunding

As successful as crowdfunding already is, InventureX is working to take it to the next level. They have a partnership with ABC’s hit business show Shark Tank to make crowdfunding even more mainstream in the future!

All of it adds up to an 86 percent success rate in hitting a company’s stated fundraising goal, one of the highest in the industry! If you’re interested in learning more about how they may be able to help you launch your idea, visit them online today!

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