IQGenex: Does it Work?

IQGenex: Does it Work?

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Like many others, I struggled in the boardroom for the longest time. I always paid attention in meetings and put in the work to achieve in the business world, but I just froze when I needed important information the most. All of that changed the first time I tried IQGenex.

What is IQGenex?

IQGenex is a revolutionary supplement that helps stimulate your brain for peak performance on tasks such as academics, solving personal issues, and career advancement. Its primary ingredient is caffeine, the same stuff found in coffee, soda, and those energy drinks a lot of my colleagues seem to live on. I tried all of those things too, but they made me feel jittery. My concentration improved for an hour or so, but then I would crash. I could wake myself up with more caffeine, but then I had a hard time sleeping at night with so much stimulant in my system.

IQGenex is different because its caffeine is in the form of WGCP. WGCP is a process for extracting small amounts of caffeine over time from organic green coffee beans instead of shocking your body with a ton at once like an energy drink does. This controlled release prevents the jitters, insomnia, and crashes frequently associated with caffeine. However, the dose is high enough to give me a burst of mental clarity whenever I need it. I no longer freeze up when I have to recall information in an important meeting, enabling me to be a leader in the boardroom!

How IQGenex WorksIQGenex Review

My concentration boost lasts for an average of five to six hours. That’s enough time for the caffeine to gradually exit my system, producing none of the longer-term side effects caffeine can have. This ensures that IQGenex is safe for longer term, regular use. Even minors struggling with the rigors of high school can benefit from IQGenex.

I understand if you are skeptical–I was too the first time I read such favorable IQGenex reviews. What finally persuaded me to try IQGenex was a clinical study performed by the Cleveland Clinic, a non-profit research hospital recently named among the top four in the United States over the last 20 years by the U.S. News and World Report. The Cleveland Clinic never accepts paid endorsements, so the results of their research are always genuine.

Their findings were extremely positive regarding WGCP. In a double-blind clinical study of typical college-aged students (18-25), 32 percent reported improved concentration. That’s great, but an even more remarkable 61 percent reported improved response inhibition. Finally, an outstanding 87 percent reported improved spatial working memory. Few supplements offer these benefits for such a large population of people, helping IQGenex stand out from the pack.

Better yet, IQGenex delivers results within one hour of your first dose. Other products expect you to try them for weeks before you can determine whether they will work for you. IQGenex also makes trying it fast and simple. In fact, you can log onto and sign up for a free trial today. You’d better hurry though, as the manufacturer frequently has a hard time keeping up with the demand for their revolutionary product.

I strongly recommend trying IQGenex if you ever struggle with the brain fog that plagues so many of us. Speaking from experience, I know that you will come to rely on IQGenex as much as I have!

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