How to Keep Fit In 15 Minutes Per Day

How to Keep Fit In 15 Minutes Per Day

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No matter how conscientious you are to maintain your fitness level, everyone experiences times when work and family responsibilities allow little time to workout.

When you’re facing a time crunch, you can still maintain what you have already achieved by focusing on three key areas: stretching, weight bearing exercises for legs and core work. Maintaining fitness in 15 minutes per day is possible when you focus on these exercises.


More than simple breathing exercises, Qigong is a series of gentle exercises repeated several times that stretch your muscles to increase fluid movement and build awareness of how your body moves. Qigong has been practiced for thousands of years in China and differs from western exercise forms such as cardiovascular exercise and weight training in that the movements concentrate on external and internal movements simultaneously.

The stretching inherent in Qigong helps relieve or prevent chronic health problems, including back and joint problems and general physical disease. Qigong also helps provide mental clarity and helps manage stress, anger, depression and general confusion.

Lunges, Squats and Horse Stance

These three exercises are weight-bearing workouts designed to make your muscles stronger, particularly those in your legs. Weight-bearing exercises become even more important as you grow older as they can improve balance and help prevent osteoporosis and broken bones.

Lunges are a must-do exercise as this simple move hits quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Many variations such as walking lunges, stationary, and reverse stances make it easy to switch your workout. They can be easily done at home, with or without eights.

Squats are important for initiating a strong muscle growth response as they stimulate every muscle fiber in the lower body while also working your core. You can easily vary this exercise with weights and by slowing or speeding up the movement.

The horse stance is a lesser known movement that takes its name from the position legs are in when riding a horse. This isometric movement increases endurance and helps prevent injuries in runners.

Push Ups, Planks and Sit Ups

All of these movements are essential for working your core, which encompasses your torso from the shoulders to the hips. A strong core helps maintain balance and also aids performance in most athletic pursuits.

Push ups help more than just the arms. They help build muscle and increase the strength in your back. Planks work every single muscle in your core and can increase abdominal strength tremendously. Many different variations, such as balancing on an exercise ball or moving across the floor sideways, will keep this exercise interesting. Sit ups, or more correctly abdominal crunches, are old reliable movements that also have dozens of variations to help you work the entire rectus abdominus as well as your obliques.

By performing each one of these exercise groups on consecutive days for just 15 minutes each, you can keep your body strong and help ward off the effects of disease and aging.

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