My Reflective Interview on Rookstool Interviews

My Reflective Interview on Rookstool Interviews

Just about two weeks ago, I was asked to be interviewed by, a sort of hub for executive and VIP interviews to be shared. I was ecstatic to share my story. I have completed a handful of interviews before, take a look at the last, a feature on Five Hundo, Each interview is a little different having their own specific guidelines. This interview on Rookstool Interviews was very different as it told a story, starting as early as elementary school and working its way up to where I currently am in business and what aspirations or trends I see for the future.

Andrew Dorko Interview

I have been extremely fortunate to see the success that I have at Total Marketing Concepts, and constantly feel the need to give back and reflect. Please, when you have a moment take a look at the following link to read my full in-depth interview.

I always am available to give advice when it pertains to business, it’s tough to succeed there’s no denying that. It takes a will to learn, a hard-working mentality, and sometimes just a little luck. Feel free to contact me at anytime through my contact form on my blog.


Andrew Dorko

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