Native Content Advertising Explained By Arshad Madhani

Native Content Advertising Explained By Arshad Madhani

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We spoke with digital marketing expert Arshad Madhani about the world of native advertising.

About Arshad Madhani

As a leading marketing expert who has an MBA from Texas A&M University, Arshad Madhani has achieved a place in the advertising and consulting industry as a top digital marketing authority. Mr. Madhani has been helping his clients for more than a decade and has worked to assist new and established business owners and entrepreneurs who want to devise effective marketing strategies for the Internet age.

Arshad Madhani often works with clients and on his own marketing campaigns and shares his insights online through various blogs. Below, Arshad answers some key questions about the role of native advertising, and what some of the major players in that space do to stay on top of the industry.

How does native advertising work?

Simply put, native advertising is an ad that is sort of disguised as content. These are the articles you might come across in an online publication that look very much like the website’s typical content, but are in fact advertisements for a product or service. Usually, these ‘native ads’ are in the form of an article that discusses how a product works or why a service is important for particular users.

Are native advertising networks the right fit to promote your business?

Every business owner needs to ask that question. In my opinion, native advertising can work for just about anyone, provided they use it correctly, no overdo it, and select the most effective network for whatever product or service they want to promote.

Right now, there are three key players in the field of native advertising: Outbrain, Taboola, and Revcontent. Each one has advantages and unique features.

Outbrain Logo

What Sets Outbrain Apart?

Outbrain has been around since 2006 and is Taboola’s main competitor. It sets itself apart by accepting only high-quality content and not forcing advertisers to have a set budget minimum. Many small entrepreneurs use Outbrain as a first venture into the native advertising world.

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What is Unique About Taboola?

Since 2007, Taboola has been one of the top native advertising networks, now attracting 500 million visitors every single month. Taboola is the largest of the networks. It is also the only network to require advertisers spend a fixed amount over a specified time period. You usually have to commit to spend at least $5,000, but you do have an unlimited time to use it. Many established firms use Taboola because of its incredible reach into the market with its high number of visitors.

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How Has Revcontent Become a Leader in the Field?

Revcontent is cheaper than the other top two networks. What some small, start-ups like is that there’s no minimum buy-in or financial commitment. Revcontent reaches 97 percent of the U.S. market and allows advertisers access to real-time data and the ability to specifically target various markets.

Final Thoughts from Arshad

Any business owner or entrepreneur, no matter how large or small, should test a few of the different native advertising companies and see what works best for their own needs.

Especially for those new to the advertising realm, it helps to get a feel for how the various platforms work, how much they cost, and whether they are a good fit for your particular line of business.

For example, a company who specializes in selling dog food direct-to-consumer might have better results with one company, while a new software as a service who makes bookkeeping easier for small businesses will perhaps find success with another native advertising network. Experiment, do some research, and then decide which one is right for you.”

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