Siren Guard: Protection For The Whole Family

Siren Guard: Protection For The Whole Family

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Siren Guard

Have you ever questioned your safety while walking home from a neighbor’s house? How about your child’s safety on the way home from school? Your elderly mother’s safety at the grocery store? Sadly, all of these everyday events carry more risk than they should in the modern world.

Arming yourself is one way to protect yourself and your loved ones, but it’s frequently not the best idea. Thankfully, I recently discovered a nifty little device called the Siren Guard to keep my entire household safe.

More Than Just An Alarm

The Siren Guard is a key chain that fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to keep on you at all times. More importantly, the attached alarm can produce up to 130dB of sound for up to 30 minutes, ensuring that everyone in the vicinity can hear it.

The alarm sounds like the siren you might hear from a police vehicle or firetruck, so criminals are likely to scurry in the other direction as soon as they hear it. It’s also loud enough to attract attention, making it a great option for campers concerned about getting lost in the woods or if you find yourself in need of emergency medical attention.

Best of all, the device doesn’t have a companion app or complicated setup process. The Siren Guard activates as soon as you pull the pin from its side, and stops when you push a large, easily visible button. This makes it ideal for anybody who isn’t comfortable with modern technology.

Great For The Whole Family

Siren Guard Elderly Woman

While pepper spray, firearms, and other weapons signal an intent to fight, the Siren Guard is about fleeing. This makes it much safer for children to use if they find themselves in an awkward situation on the way home from school.

Likewise, the lack of fancy computers means that all generations can use this device, like an elderly mother who barely understands what a smartphone is, let alone how to use one. You are still able to teach her how to use the Siren Guard in a couple of minutes.

Finally, the Siren Guard’s compact design is perfect when you need to travel light. It’s also inconspicuous, so you’re not announcing to your friends that you don’t trust them by carrying it with you.

Reviews I Trusted

I like to do my homework before purchasing anything, and the Siren Guard was no exception. The internet is loaded with favorable reviews on this amazing product. For example, serial entrepreneur Agam Berry recently reviewed Siren Guard on his personal Medium account. He dissected how easy the product is to use before referring to the numerous positive testimonials that he found on as a great reason to try it.

Likewise, a STEEMIT user recently reviewed Siren Guard. He emphasized how versatile the little alarm is, noting that it can benefit children and the elderly alike. He concluded his review by discussing the excellent discounts that the manufacturer is currently offering for bulk purchases.

Buy In Bulk And Save!

The manufacturer behind Siren Guard understands that most families will want more than one device, so they’ve instituted an intriguing pricing model. If you purchase one device for $42.90, you’ll get a second one free! If you buy two for $82.90, you get three more free of charge. If you pay for three ($122.90), you’ll receive a grand total of 10 Siren Guard units!

If you want to protect your neighbor, child’s teacher, and your third cousin once removed’s boyfriend, you can buy five devices for $202.90 and receive a whopping 20 to distribute as you please! Honestly, I think 20 might be a little excessive, but there are some big families out there.

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