The Benefits Of Waking Up Early

The Benefits Of Waking Up Early

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Most people have a fairly good idea of whether they are a morning person or not, although even those who don’t usually get out of bed can benefit from routinely waking up early. Those who are retired may claim that it doesn’t matter when they get out of bed, but getting up at 5am every day can have several benefits, even for those who don’t need to report to their boss each day. For those who need more convincing, look at the many celebrities, politicians, athletes and successful business people who make a point of rising early, often at 4am.

One of the biggest benefits of waking up at 5am each morning for work is to enjoy the feeling of not being rushed. It means there is more time for healthy eating – instead of simply grabbing a cup of coffee on the way to work – and eating a leisurely breakfast is a lot healthier than eating something quickly in the car or on the station platform. In fact, eating a proper breakfast in the morning can eliminate hunger during the day, and can actually improve overall mood, reduce stress levels, and help to boost overall health. Sitting down to breakfast is also the perfect way to spend at least some quality time with the family.

Waking early means more time to read the papers, catch up with the weather, the news or the local traffic. And perhaps more time to spend with family, too. Studies indicate that being rushed in the morning can lead to stress, cause poor or unsafe driving habits in an effort to beat the clock, and generally adversely affect much of the working day. Many accidents are caused by tired commuters, or those who are trying to get to work on time.

For those who work in a noisy, hectic or stressful environment, waking up early can provide some much needed quiet time, before the stresses of the day begin. It can also be a chance to go over paperwork, an agenda or study notes for the day ahead – a chance to plan the day and be ready to face it. Many people who routinely wake up early claim that early morning is one of the most enjoyable times of the day, especially those who have noisy kids, or a generally chaotic household. It can be a chance to have a little quality ‘me’ time in an increasingly chaotic and frenetic world. It also looks good to be the first in the office every morning; many managers look favorably upon employees going the extra mile in this way.

Even those who are retired and don’t have to be at their desk at 8am can benefit from rising at 5am every day. Having that extra time in the morning gives retired people the opportunity to paint, cross-stitch, perhaps tend to the garden, take the dog for a walk, or simply enjoy the solitude and peace and quiet. Distractions such as visitors and phone calls are virtually unheard of before 7am, allowing those who really want to get more out of their day to achieve that goal.

An estimated 80 percent of Americans just don’t get enough exercise for whatever reason, although one of the biggest reasons given is not having enough time. Waking up early every day means that it’s much easier to exercise, whether it is jogging, walking, swimming or yoga. Like anything else, starting and carrying out an exercise regimen is a lot easier when a routine is established, and exercising is also a lot more effective when there are no distractions or excuses not to do it.

For those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, getting up early each day is the obvious first step towards achieving that goal. Most people also just feel better when they wake up early – they have more energy, are better able to face the day, are more organized and get more out of the day, whether they are working, retired or somewhere in between. Another benefit of getting up early is being able to appreciate and enjoy all those marvelous sunrises, which are sadly lost on those who don’t get out of bed until late morning.

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