The Cyclone Spinner Review From Ninja Tech

The Cyclone Spinner Review From Ninja Tech

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Spin Your Way Through Creative Roadblocks

Fidget spinners are taking the world by storm. They’re everywhere!  What’s seemingly a simple toy that doesn’t really look like much, your mind will change as soon as you start playing with one.  While these spinners are popular with kids in school, let me tell you, they have a special place for entrepreneurs and executives as well. Lately, I’ve been using the Cyclone Spinner by Ninja Tech to break through some creative obstacles and help keep my focus razor sharp.

Fidget spinners are low-tech toys that are designed to help improve focus and relieve stress and anxiety. Most people use them to spin, twirl, and do other tricks by tossing them from one hand to another. There’s a handful of tutorials on Youtube that can help you learn how to do advanced movements, but the basic spin is really all you need.  These movements, according to doctors and experts, can actually help individuals focus or concentrate better while at work, at school or while engaged in any activity that requires a certain amount of attention.

Cheap versions of spinners have hit the market and are often sold in convenience stores for just a few bucks. However, investing in a durable, robust design (like the Cyclone) will ensure that your spinner will last a very long time. The Cyclone Spinner by Ninja Tech is one of the best professionally grade spinners out there.

Outstanding Cyclone Spinner Features

Superior R188 bearings – These top of the line bearings ensure longer, more balanced spins giving you a better feel and satisfaction. Zero wobble!

Premium metal – Heavy, durable materials are used here instead of plastic or aluminum.

Professionally-engineered design – Engineers crafted the Cyclone to be ergonomic.  It’s easier to start and stop spins compared to the more niche, fad spinners out there.

How Does It Work?

The Cyclone Spinner is made from durable, industrial-grade metal using professional design to ensure long, smooth spins. Unlike other spinners made of cheap plastic, these spinners are made of durable, smooth and shiny metal that look great and sport a solid feel when held.

the cyclone spinner by ninja techThe metal construction also means that these spinners are more durable than your average spinner. You can also take your pick from the six color options. Choose a classic black or opt for the flashier gold version for truly amazing spins.

The spinner comes with an ergonomic shape that makes it perfect for long-term spins and comfort. Well-placed curves provide a comfortable grip and the weight of the spinner adds to the stability on the hand. It is also small enough to fit in your pocket so that you can enjoy spinning and get the focus-enhancing benefits of this gadget anytime and anywhere.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Cyclone starts out at $21.95 plus shipping for 1 spinner.  You can also take advantage of their packages so you can get multiple spinners in one package and save up to $99 with each purchase. This is a great way to try out different colors at once and see how each stack up against other spinners out there. For those who want to try fidget spinners without spending too much, there are packages for single spinners.

While these may be more pricier than what you can get at a convenience store, these were designed professionally by engineers using top of the line materials. I have more peace of mind using something I know will last a long time, has a solid brand behind it and won’t break if I accidentally drop it.


Fidget spinners are great solutions for concentration and focus problems. While cheap, plastic versions are popular, you get durability, a more solid and smoother spin, and a classier spinner with the Cyclone Spinner. Ergonomic, solid, and fun, this is perhaps one of the best trends to grip the Internet because it is fun and therapeutic at the same time.

If you’re an executive or entrepreneur that has to make daily decisions without anyone’s guidance or input, The Cyclone is perhaps the best way to pass the time and think.  It’s balanced feel lets you focus on what matters most – key decisions that will impact the way you run your business. If you have trouble focusing day to day, this fidget spinner will pay for itself in many ways!

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