The Hardest Part to Being an Entrepreneur

The Hardest Part to Being an Entrepreneur

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Have you ever had a fantastic idea that you have considered to pursue? For most entrepreneurs, the journey to success starts from that one idea. However, having a brilliant idea is not all that it takes to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship. Starting a business is not as easy as quitting your day job and going full-time. Running a business also has its fair share of challenges; ones that may cause your business to fall apart. While the startup life is often glamorized, it is actually a day-in day-out of marathon of work with little to no glamor.

By knowing the harsh realities and challenges to being an entrepreneur, you can prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

First iteration of your idea will be wrong

The usual scenario is: you’ve got the right idea but its first iteration or execution will often be wrong or flawed. When this happens, don’t be too hard on yourself because this is in fact a good sign. Your idea might just need to evolve or require some tweaking. You can do that by setting your pride aside and listening to customer feedback. It’s really okay to change things up a bit.

Friends and family will not understand what you do

You will likely get comments like “so you don’t have a job now?” or “that’s nice, I guess” as you tell them that you have a business. This is more likely if your business is online like affiliate marketing. Even when friends and family will not be able to understand what you do, don’t let that frustrate you since this in no way implies that you are doing something wrong.

Customers will frustrate you

Having customers is great, the more the better. However, dealing with them can be a real pain in the hide. There will be customers who won’t understand the obvious. You will get feedbacks that are contradictory. And there are those that will suggest that maybe, this business-thingy is just not for you. Don’t succumb to frustration and address each and every feedback that you’ll get.

You can’t do it all

Just because you are the founder it doesn’t mean that you will be able to do everything on your own. Ditch the superhero complex and learn to delegate tasks to other people. You just can’t scale your company with only two to three people. Hire more people so you can focus on growing the business.

Learn to Succeed With This Motivational Video from Daniel Wallace from Daniel Wallace on Vimeo.

It’s hard to be a successful entrepreneur sometimes, you can lack inspiration and/or motivation which are both so very important to your success. If motivation is something that you feel that you’re lacking, I highly suggest taking a look at the above video. This is a great way to siphon some motivation!

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