Catch Those Zzz’s – The Impact Of Missing Sleep

Catch Those Zzz’s – The Impact Of Missing Sleep

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The recommended amount of sleep that each adult should get every night is approximately seven to eight hours, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Unfortunately, many people do not get that amount of sleep or anything close to it. More than 40 million people have difficult, long-term sleeping problems, and half that amount of people have occasional sleeping issues. Lack of sleep can cause a multitude of problems that can make it difficult for a person to function from day to day. Inadequate rest causes problems such as:

Irritability and Sensitivity

Lack of sleep causes all of the body’s systems to function at a sub-par level. The sub-par function can cause problems such as shortages or overages in the chemical processes of the brain. Such activity may cause problems like irritability and sensitivity. The deprived individual may cry over “spilled milk” situations or come to rage because of something as simple as a fast-food restaurant forgetting a condiment. Not getting adequate rest is extremely dangerous when it comes to work function.

Memory Loss and Fogginess

Two additional symptoms that can arise when a person does not get enough rest are memory loss and fogginess. The individual may have a difficult time answering direct questions or mustering enough understanding to tie his or her shoes. The person may feel as though he or she is in a dream for the entire day or night. Furthermore, the sufferer may go places and forget the reason why.

Fatigue and Malaise

Lack of rest can cause a person to lose energy because the body works overtime while the person is awake. The lack of energy may cause the individual to be unable to complete every day tasks for the family or the job. Fatigue may occur because of the lost rest, and it may get worse because the individual keeps putting it off. Malaise is a generally ill feeling that has a vague description. That feeling may occur in a person who does not get enough sleep, as well. One of the reasons that malaise may occur is because of poor digestion.

Random Illnesses

Lack of sleep can cause random illnesses such as headaches, nausea, diarrhea and the like. These illnesses occur because the shortage of rest stops everything from working properly. In some cases, some of the body’s systems shut down because they go so long without adequate rest and recuperation.

Massive Weight Loss or Weight Gain

One thing that happens in many people who do not get enough sleep is a massive weight variance. A person may gain an enormous amount of weight because of the digestive process and the metabolism slow down. Another person may lose a massive amount of weight because he or she does not take the appropriate amount of time to stop and eat right.

Interrupted Sleep Schedule

Once a person misses sleep, it can be difficult to get it back, especially if that person has a busy lifestyle with a full-time job, family and other obligations. The person may become accustomed to getting an inadequate amount of sleep, and the above problems may occur.

How to Get Back on Track

There are several things a person can do to get back on track after sleep deprivation. One thing the person can do is take natural sleep aids like melatonin and Valerian root. Such items are available at pharmacies, discount department stores and even some corner stores. Another thing the person can do is engage in fitness activities at least two hours before bed time. Meditation, writing and reading are some additional activities that one can partake in to get back into the appropriate routine for sleep. Reading always seems to bring a sense of relaxation, especially when the material is soothing to the soul. Writing can give the fingers and the brain a little exercise before bed.

Meditation downloads are available on various sites on the Internet. The person can listen to calming sounds like rain drops and ocean waves. Alternatively, the person can listen to instructions on the appropriate breathing techniques. Another method that one may use is darkening his or her bedroom to promote sleep. The person should see success from at least one of those tactics.

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