The Last Thing(s) You Want to Do Before Laying Down in Bed at Night

The Last Thing(s) You Want to Do Before Laying Down in Bed at Night

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We go through the odd sleepless nights that everybody has experienced. The depleted and worn out feeling that spreads throughout the following day. Resting well every single night is a dream that has escaped a lot of us on a frequent basis. This eventually turns into a problem as the person becomes accustomed to the sleeping cycle and it turns into a conventional pattern. If you are someone who’s having sleeping problems, then it is highly likely that you have bad sleeping habits. For some additional help on falling asleep, please take a look at this article from Health magazine.

Once your body gets used to bad sleeping habits, the quality of your sleep will surely take a nosedive. Here are the last things that you want to do before you go to sleep at night.

1. You enjoy a cup of coffee after lunch – We all love that jolt of energy that we get from our early morning coffee. However, if you are still drinking caffeinated drinks late into the afternoon, then it could be a reason why you can’t sleep. Caffeine can linger within your system for up to 12 hours, so save that after-lunch coffee for tomorrow.

2. You indulge in your afternoon nap – Napping is a great way to refresh yourself especially when at work. However, you should make sure that you don’t overdo your napping sessions. A ten to twenty minutes nap should be enough to regain your energy and not disrupt your sleep cycle.

3. You watch a TV on your bedroom – It’s always good to end the night watching your favorite TV series or late night show. But this particular habit might be detrimental to your ability to fall asleep. The light coming from the TV prevents the body from shutting down since the brain is tricked that it’s still morning. Don’t watch TV while lying on your bed.

4. You bring your gadgets to bed – This is pretty much the same with watching TV on your bedroom. Using your smartphone or tablet before going to bed will only stimulate your brain and make falling asleep a lot harder. Ditch the gadgets outside the bedroom and reserve the bed only for sleeping or for sex.

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