The Secret to Experiencing Fitness Motivation and Never Letting Go

The Secret to Experiencing Fitness Motivation and Never Letting Go

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For a lot of us, getting in shape is no easy task, and keeping in shape is without a doubt even harder. We all work so hard to obtain the results we want, merely to lose those progress the moment we experience them. You can also find people who get so discouraged they give up since they believe they’ll never achieve their fitness goals. It is believed that a whopping 50% of individuals who start performing exercises quit within the first 6 months.

If you are someone who is running low on motivation with regards to your fitness goals, then you need to learn these secrets to fitness motivation:

Get a Workout Buddy

Having a workout buddy is not only good for starting out and the social aspect, he or she can be a great source of motivation as well. A workout buddy puts a certain level of accountability into your fitness routine. Really, you don’t want to be that person who is always late or filled with excuses. Train and progress together with your buddy. Need help finding a fitness buddy, has a few tips for you.

Celebrate Small Milestones

Your ultimate goal might be to lose tens of pounds but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t celebrate your small milestones. Were you able to make it into the gym three to four times this week? If so, then pat yourself in the back and celebrate. Set little goals for you to accomplish every time you train to keep you motivation up. Celebrate these little accomplishments afterwards.

Change Your Mindset


One of the primary points you must address is to alter your mindset. You must realize and acknowledge the reality that the change you desire will take time, and that change won’t happen immediately. The consequences of consuming foods that are bad for you and living an unfit lifestyle can be corrected, however it’s impossible to predict when those improvements will take as everyone’s needs is unique.

Take Progress Pictures

Forget about being vain or trying to show off, taking progress picture is all about internalizing and confirming your success. Take these pictures at the same time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. As your collection of photos grow, you will all the results (or non-results) and progress that you have experienced. With your progress pics, you will also be able to spot changes in your body that are otherwise difficult to notice.

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