Thoughts That Can Really Derail the Success You Are Attempting to Reach

Thoughts That Can Really Derail the Success You Are Attempting to Reach

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The road to success is certainly not a walk in the park. You require some genuine guts in order to be different and to think in different ways. All of us are unique but now and then we often question our capabilities which in turn become the greatest hindrance to achieving success. As opposed to believing that many of us can be successful, we are inclined to think that it’s not possible. Such a notion can really prevent you from achieving any kind of success.

Here are some of the most common thoughts that can really derail the success that you are aiming to reach.

“I’m just not good enough”

All of us have gifts, skills, and talents. Our duty is to determine those and constantly work on enhancing them and so we can add value to some other people’s lives. Go out and get it done. The more you are doing, the more you will actually learn (even by making mistakes), and the better you will become at the things you do. You need to just start – like everybody else who prevailed before you.

“I just don’t have the luck in life”

Whether you fall short or succeed, simply blame it on luck! It’s just easier, isn’t it? Well, many will agree that fate is a major player to achieving success but fate also favors people who have faith in themselves and are not letting opportunities fall by the wayside. Therefore, drop the thinking, “I am not the lucky one”, today.

Motivate Yourself to Make This the Best Year Yet from Andrew Dorko on Vimeo.

Take a look at the above video for some added motivation leading you towards additional success.

“It’s too hard”

Now we’re not planning to lie to you and convince you that it’s not difficult – It really is! But same goes with not grabbing your dreams. Actually, it’s more difficult due to the pain of regret as well as the pain of not experiencing the many advantages that come from carrying out what you’re supposed to be doing and executing it well.

“I’m just afraid to fail”

Not wanting to fail is a common sentiment among us. However, if that fear of failure disables you from actually trying, you will not be able to achieve success either way. You are going to fail in life. Whether it’s for work, school, or in business – you are going to try to do some things and they’re going to fail. However, keep in mind that failure is one of life’s greatest teachers and one way to grow as a person. You only truly fail once you stop trying.

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