Time Saving Techniques that Will Give You Extra Free Time at the End of the Day

Time Saving Techniques that Will Give You Extra Free Time at the End of the Day

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One of the most common excuses that people have that prevent them from achieving their goals is the dreaded “I just don’t have the time.” They can’t go to the gym after work because “I don’t have the time.” They can’t prepare their plan for their upcoming business because “I don’t have the time.” However, lack of time is exactly just that: an excuse. There are ways that will help you save time and give you extra free time by the end of the day.

Just follow these time saving hacks and you will never have to make that sort of excuse again:

Get Ready the Night Before

Saving time in the morning is the key for the success of your whole time-saving strategy. The evening before, compose your to-do list. Additionally, pack your bag with all your essentials like wallet, laptop, smartphone, and other things you’ll need, and put it by your door. Ensure your keys and other things that you have to take with you the following day are also by the doorway. Finally, choose the attire you’ll wear.

Do Less

Streamline your schedule by carrying out fewer things but concentrating on the really important tasks. This will significantly improve the impact of the time while you are working; reducing the time you have to work.

An Opportunity to be Remarkable shared by Andrew Dorko from Andrew Dorko on Vimeo.

Please take a look at the above video for some added motivation. You can do great things, just take a deep breath and seize opportunities.

Learn to Delegate

If the task must be done but isn’t considered to be that important, and it could be carried out by another person, delegate it. At times, it is possible to get rid of about half your to-do list by getting other people who can perform the task as well or perhaps even better than you can.

Say No When You Need to

It’s a good thing to be a “Yes Man” but it certainly won’t do you favors when it comes to saving time. Don’t say yes to a co-worker simply out of courtesy. If you think you can’t or don’t want to do it, then respectfully decline. You don’t want that extra work that will only eat up your time.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks sounds like a counterproductive way to save time but it’s not. While you might think that if you take breaks you are wasting time, you are in fact saving time because you’ll be re-charging your batteries, lowering stress, and avoiding fatigue.

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