VitaSleep PM: A New Solution For A Full Night’s Sleep

VitaSleep PM: A New Solution For A Full Night’s Sleep

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Do you get enough sleep at night? Millions of Americans don’t either, so you’re far from alone if you don’t get the eight hours nightly recommended by medical professionals. Many sleep aids exist, but they carry troublesome side effects and can sometimes create dependency. Who wants to deal with that?

VitaSleep PM is a non-habit forming sleep aid backed by science to help give you the sleep you need without feeling groggy the next morning. Here’s what differentiates this product from others on the market.

The Way VitaSleep PM Works

vitasleep pm knows you can't always count sheep to fall asleepWhen our bodies and minds aren’t receiving enough sleep, there are a variety of adverse effects we can deal with. It can cause memory problems and difficulty concentrating, making it more challenging to complete life’s daily tasks.

It can also cause mood swings that make you difficult to be around. Weight gain and a compromised immune system can come into play as well! Clearly, a full night’s sleep is very important.

Commercially available sleep aids are often effective, but the side effects simply aren’t worth it. Many are habit-forming, meaning you can completely lose the ability to sleep without them. Being that dependant on your sleep aid isn’t healthy any way you look at it.

Others leave you feeling tired, creating only a minimal differentiation from not getting sleep at all. Some products also just don’t work, accomplishing nothing beyond draining your wallet.

And that’s where VitaSleep PM differs. It contains a variety of proven sleep aids to help you get the sleep you need without the adverse reactions other products can cause.

Give Me The Ingredient Lowdown

VitaSleep PM is great if you haven't been sleeping well latelyThe most important ingredient in VitaSleep PM is GABA or Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. It’s a neurotransmitter that helps the brain relax, promoting a more restful night’s sleep. Neurotransmitters are kind of like the power lines of your brain, ensuring that your brain gets all of the information it needs to perform its best.

The product also contains other ingredients to help GABA really work its magic. Calcium Citrate, Magnesium, and Niacin all serve to help your body heal itself while sleeping. This regenerative process is essential for your immune system.

Likewise, melatonin is a proven sleep hormone commonly found in sleep aids. L-Theanine calms down your nervous system after a stressful day. A special “Prop Blend” with Valerian Root, Chamomile, L-Taurine, lemon balm, and Skullcap also helps you unwind.

They work together to perform a comparable function to anti-anxiety medications without the harsh side effects. Other active ingredients in VitaSleep PM include 5HTP and Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate. Both are notable in how they assist neurotransmitters to form so your sleep/wake cycle can stay regulated.

Can It Really Help Me Sleep?

One of the best ways to determine whether a given product will work for you is to check if it worked for other people. One recent review on broke down VitaSleep PM’s ingredients and how it’s a fantastic option for anyone looking for a better night’s sleep. recently posted someone’s own experience with this product. It worked well for them, and really examined why VitaSleep PM worked when others failed to do the same!

Rest Easy

finally go to bed for 8 hours with vitasleep pmThe best place to purchase VitaSleep PM is directly from the manufacturer’s website. Each bottle costs $73, but you can save money by ordering two for $118 or three for $143. The math says that you get a better deal the more you buy, so we recommend bulk orders whenever possible.

All things considered, VitaSleep PM combines the efficacy you have been looking for without side effects so this product is more than worthwhile. Grab your pillow and get that sleep you’ve been missing. Your mind and body will thank you later by function at its optimal level!

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