WGCP Review: What Is It And Does It Work?

WGCP Review: What Is It And Does It Work?

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Millions of people around the world are affected by brain fatigue resulting in various degrees of short attention span, low concentration levels, and memory loss. Within recent years, researchers have discovered a secret to improved brain function, that was hidden in nature for centuries. This discovery is Whole Green Coffee Powder, or WGCP, which is currently being used by thousands of people to successfully achieve improved brain health and overall wellness.

I myself have used WGCP to improve my brain health and I’m already experiencing the great results of increased attention and greater focus. Recently I posted information about the extraordinary benefits of a product called IQGenex. IQGenex is as effective as it is, because its main ingredient is WGCP. In this post, I’m going to share more in-depth information on WGCP and how this wonder-ingredient, given to us by nature, can help make us healthier and livelier.

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Where Does WGCP Come From?

WGCP is a wholly natural, organic product. It is a highly acclaimed brain-booster supplement that is derived from the coffee tree. It is made with the raw, green coffee beans by sun-drying the beans then grinding them into a fine powder. This natural process produces a potent powder rich in natural acids, antioxidants, and fiber. WGCP is now ready to be used in brain-boosting and body-strengthening solutions.

The Many Benefits of Using WGCP Products

WGCP is a clinically proven product and has many helpful benefits to mind and body. The effectiveness and benefits of the brain-booster were evaluated in a clinical study conducted by Libertas Academica. The study revealed that WGCP (Whole Green Coffee Powder) moderate doses of WGCP had a significant improvement in sustained attention and working memory, with no reported side effects.

A more detailed list of the benefits of Whole Green Coffee product includes:

– Improved brain focus
– Enhanced concentration
– Natural appetite control
– Efficient regulation of blood sugar levels
– Enhanced physical performance
– Greater stamina
– Weight loss benefits

All these benefits are directly related to the quality of the coffee beans from which WGCP is made. The raw, green coffee beans are sun-dried instead of being roasted. The traditional roasting of the coffee beans strips them of their rich antioxidants, fiber, and other micronutrients. The fiber alone is a powerhouse ingredient in WGCP as it allows the caffeine in the beans to be slowly released into the body and minimizes caffeine “jitters”.

Products that Contain WGCP

IQGenex IQGenex Review

As I mentioned before, WGCP is the primary ingredient in this product. IQGenex is a nootropic, or cognitive-enhancing supplement, that boosts brain focus level and increases overall mental functionality for up to six hours. It also helps improve memory, facilitates quicker information processing, and decreases oxidative stress levels.

Simply put, the IQGenex supplement helps stimulate the brain’s function to produce peak performance on critical or simple tasks, allowing you to efficiently complete mental tasks such as academic studies, general problem solving, and job-related critical-thinking. While the main ingredient in IQGenex is caffeine, it does not have the onslaught of effects which caffeine can have on the mind and body, so it is safe to use without the worries of sleeplessness or caffeine “jitters”. You can try IQGenex for yourself by visiting the manufacturer’s website.


Clinically-tested GoBean also contains the raw organic WGCP as the main ingredient. This supplement has been designed to enhance endurance for up to 6-8 hours, with the benefits of slow caffeine release and without any side effects. It is also an appetite suppressant.

What are People Saying about WGCP?

WGCP has received numerous positive reviews from users who have been seeing positive results from using the product. Reviews have stated that WGCP has provided a dependable solution to brain function due to its natural ingredients and slow-caffeine release system. Others have mentioned the healthy, energizing, natural properties of the product.

Whether you are looking to improve your focus at work, in the classroom, or just in general, or even looking to add a new, raw supplement into your weight loss regime, then WGCP is for you.

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