Which Miracle Essential Oils Should You Be Using for the Winter Months

Which Miracle Essential Oils Should You Be Using for the Winter Months

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In just a few more months, winter will be in full swing so it’s not unheard of to find ourselves wishing to remain in bed for a wee bit longer in order to keep snug and cozy. There are many things to be excited about the winter season but there are also some aspects of it that many people are not too thrilled of. Stuffed noses, aching joints, colds, flu, and cold feet are just some of the inconveniences that the colder weather brings.

I’ve always been an essential oil user. They are easy to use, extremely versatile, and really leave your body feeling great. I have been using one company in particular, Miracle Essential Oils. MEO is know for their pure essential oil line, which is fantastic. They currently have eleven different single oils and blends, with a few more in the works.

As said before, with winter coming, essential oils can and will lift your spirits and dulled senses during the cold weather. If you’re going to stock up on essential oils these winter season, be sure you pick these ones up:


You can’t go wrong with Lavender, a necessity to any essential oils collection. Lavender essential oil has antidepressant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The scent of lavender is beneficial in clearing up a stuffy nose and treats minor illnesses like the common cold. The cold season can also make your skin dry and flaky which is why you can really make use of lavender’s moisturizing effects.


Eucalyptus, considered an essential oil for healing, is great for germ-killing and its anti-bacterial properties. Eucalyptus is usually present in ointments and cough drops (you’ve probably smelled it when you’ve used products like Vicks). Eucalyptus triggers the stimulation of the immune system and combats the inflammatory reaction within the lungs. Utilize it to make your very own steam inhalation solution, just the thing for curing sinus infections.


Lemon offers mood-boosting, astringent as well as antibacterial benefits. Use this essential oil to help avoid illnesses or to help overcome an illness if you’re already sick. You may also use lemon around your house for cleaning as it will eliminate bacteria and germs from the floors and surfaces. As many germs surface in winter, you should regularly clean your home with lemon oil that’s capable of killing germs so they don’t stick around. For additional information on Miracle Essential Oil’s Lemon, please take a look at this review from perfectlyessentialoils.com.


Peppermint is one of the best essential oils for combatting the cold season. Peppermint is known as breath freshener, but one of its most significant qualities is that it’s a mood enhancer. It also offers immune-boosting benefits and is able to reduce one’s appetite. Throughout the winter season when the days are shorter, you’ll find that symptoms of anxiety are worse. Peppermint allows you to get rid of fatigue and alleviate anxiety and depression so you can function normally and go about your day without a hitch. Peppermint is one of the best essential oils for combatting the cold season.

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