Which Podcasts Are Recommended for Those Trying to Succeed in Their Lives from Andrew Dorko

Which Podcasts Are Recommended for Those Trying to Succeed in Their Lives from Andrew Dorko

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We all want to succeed in life. Since you are reading this article, it’s safe to say that one of your greatest passions is to reach your greatest potential in pretty much all aspects of life – whether it is for business, career, relationships or health. But sometimes, inspiration and motivation can run low on supply. Fortunately, there are people out there who share their knowledge and motivational words through podcasts. Entrepreneur.com listed their 25 favorite podcasts for business minded people.

If you want to keep informed, entertained and motivated to succeed, here are some podcasts that absolutely need to listen to.

TED Talks


Here’s a podcast series that you can’t afford to miss if you wish to succeed in life. TED Talks is basically videos (and in this case podcasts) from some of the most inspirational and successful people in the whole world. These podcasts will cover many different areas of topics but you will surely find yourself inspired and intrigued. As of this writing, you can listen to 80 episodes of TED Talks on iTunes.

This Is Your Life


This is Your Life is a rather large weekly podcast series by Michael Hyatt. This podcast aims to “live with more passion, work with greater focus and lead with extraordinary influence.” If you are in business, this is one podcast that you should religiously listen to. You can learn things from finding a suitable mentor to establishing and strengthening your brand. You will love Michael’s perspective in both life and business.

Eventual Millionaire


Eventual Millionaire is a podcast series where business coach Jaime Tardy relates the things she learned from interviewing more than 100 millionaires. If you wish to achieve success, what better way to do it than to listen to people who have been there? You will learn about the thoughts and feelings of successful people and how they made it. Topics range from creating lucrative partnerships to diagnosing business problems.

Entrepreneur on Fire


Entrepreneur on Fire is a no-nonsense podcast that is perfect for those who are looking for inspiration, motivation and actionable advice. Each episode features a successful entrepreneur who shares their journey towards success. You will listen to their successes, their enlightening moments, and even how they failed, repeatedly. Each of the interview will provide in-depth insights to the minds of people who are far ahead of the curve. If you have yet to travel down that road, this 300+ episode podcast series is a must.

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