Why Exceptional Leaders Are Readers

Why Exceptional Leaders Are Readers

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There is no shortage of exceptional leaders across the world and throughout history. Leaders can excel in various fields including business, religious teachings, politics, sports, entertainment and various other areas. However, the most common factor about such leaders is that they spend a considerable amount of time reading books or articles. Taking a closer look at the effect reading has on such people can be key to understanding why individuals should emulate the reading culture as a way of improving on their leadership abilities.

Improves people skills

As individuals read through stories, they tend to relate to certain characters and situations. This experience lives on through neural connections. In essence readers become more aware of the issues other people go through and develop better techniques of handling each individual. When a similar situation occurs in real life, the reader is able to get reference from their experience with the characters or situations in the story and therefore makes better decisions.

It broadens vocabulary

While reading improves the individual’s language vocabulary, it also broadens their emotional vocabulary. This improvement in verbal and emotional vocabulary can be an added advantage when dealing with different types of people in the society. It allows the leader to look more endearing or easy to relate with.

Reading allows for a more rounded perspective

People who do not read generally tend to view things from their own perspectives. They are unable to understand what other people are going through. However, readers often come across different characters in similar situations but with varied perspectives on the issues at hand. This experience makes it possible for the reader to relate with other people and thus accommodate their views without seeming disrespectful.

Reading relaxes the mind

People from all walks of life experience certain episodes of stress and this can be detrimental to health and relationships. Reading acts a kind of stress reliever since it transfers the individuals from current problems to a new world with new experiences and challenges. A short session of reading can significantly reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Reading provides mental exercise

As readers go through situations and learn about character development, their minds become more open to new ideas and divergent views. The reading experience is in itself intellectually challenging and that boosts mental alertness which is why a leader is often the first to understand issues and articulate them to the public.

Increases knowledge

Reading about issues that happened in the past is one of the best ways to learn how to handle current issues. By looking at the experiences people went through and how they overcame challenges or how they failed in their endeavors, individuals are able to learn lessons and opt for better options when dealing with similar situations. Reading basically helps in filtering of thoughts and awareness and this keeps important concepts at the top of the mind.

Reading allows for better associations

As individuals read various types of books or articles, they acquire new information on a daily basis. With this knowledge the individuals can find it easy to associate with people from various walks of life. If the reader is a religious leader, he or she can engage in reading business material so as to gain some knowledge on what business people go through and formulate solutions that can be directed towards helping them.

Reading is a source of inspiration

When individuals are experiencing certain challenges in life, they may lose hope or become discouraged at pursuing their goals. However, reading often presents a source of inspiration because it depicts the struggles that other people had to go through before finally achieving success. This inspiration can easily be transferred to the people that are being led.

Improves writing skills

Passing knowledge to other people in the society may require a leader to come up with clearly written speeches, books and articles. Reading makes it possible for the individual to develop writing skills of their own. This is key to documenting important information that may be helpful in various stages of life. It is equally important to note that individuals that read develop better memories and are more likely to remain focused on achieving personal and societal goals in the long term.

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