Why I Love HIIT

Why I Love HIIT

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Most of us want the results of a solid exercise routine, but we also have excuses for why we are not exercising on a regular basis. HIIT can cancel out the excuses, and be the approach to exercise that we want.

What Is HIIT?

This special type of workout involves bursts of intense exercise and brief periods of recovery. You will alternate between these two features during workout sessions. These workouts burn more calories and fat than other popular types of exercise.

“I Don’t Have Time To Work Out!”

When we have busy lives, it can be difficult to fit workouts into our daily schedules. HIIT is the perfect solution. As high intensity interval training can take 30 minutes or less, it is easy to make time in the day for HIIT.

We Like Fast Results

Not only does HIIT produce results, we have faster results with this training. As calories are burned faster, it takes less time to lose weight. The effects of HIIT on the metabolism means calories will continue to burn for many hours after a workout.

Physical fitness will be achieved faster, too. It is the fastest way to develop a stronger body, develop more stamina, and increase energy levels.

Visiting The Gym Takes Time And Money

One of the most important benefits of HIIT is we can exercise anywhere, at any time. We do not have to pay for a gym membership, or spend our free time at the gym. Anyplace we can walk, run, or jog is ideal for high intensity interval training.

Exercise Equipment Is Expensive

It is expensive to outfit a home gym. HIIT does not require any special equipment. While a jump rope and a bicycle can be included in HIIT routines, we do not need to invest in traditional exercise equipment. It is not even necessary to buy special workout clothes. Any comfortable, casual clothing is suitable for training.

We Want Health Benefits From Exercise

Cardio workouts can improve overall health. You will be amazed at how much healthier you feel after your first few workouts. It can also decrease your risk of health problems in the future.

Exercise Can Be Boring

One reason people quit exercise programs is performing the same routines over and over again can be boring. This form of training is different. Not only do we have the option of choosing routines we enjoy, we also have the option of changing our routines so we do not become bored.

You can choose a ready-made training program, or you can develop your own. When working out is fun, you will not be tempted to quit. Physical fitness can be a lifetime habit.

HIIT is the best way to get into shape. When there are so many benefits, it is the approach to fitness that you will love. You will experience results faster than you imagine.

Equally important, it is an approach to exercise that does not include excuses. No matter how little time you have, a budget that does not include money for expensive equipment, or impatience when an exercise program takes forever to produce results, you will be delighted with the differences.

Better health and a fit body can be yours. All it takes is incorporating HIIT into your day.

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