You Know You Can Run a Business, But Aren’t Sure What Type – New Business Suggestions

You Know You Can Run a Business, But Aren’t Sure What Type – New Business Suggestions

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You know deep in your heart that you have the soul of an entrepreneur. You know that you can brave the cold, hostile world of entrepreneurship. You know that even when worst comes to worst, you will always find a way to overcome obstacles and come out on top. However, there is this one glaring problem: you have no idea which business to run. Apparently, coming up with business ideas is not a walk in the park. Well, it’s a good thing that we are here to help.
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Looking to run a business this year? Here are some business ideas that should give you a good headstart:

Career Coaching

Do you have what it takes to inspire people? Well, perhaps you could start a career coaching practice and something that you will likely love and make a difference in people’s lives. Through career coaching, you will be able to help clients of all ages – from landing their dream job or helping them with career change.

Food Truck


If you have some great recipes and you want to share it with people while on the move, a food truck should be a perfect business. According to a study conducted by Intuit and Emergent Research, the food truck industry will reach $2.7 billion by the year 2017. On top of that, food trucks have only 10 to 20 percent failure rate when compared to brick-and-mortar restaurants that have 60 to 90 percent.


Many companies are turning to freelance and contract workers in order to fill the skill gaps within their workforce. If you have the managerial skills for it, you can build a company that provides freelance services for companies. Some of the most in-demand freelance services include academic writing, data entry, data processing and social media-based jobs.

Health Clubs and Gyms


According to a study of The Future 100, the millennial demographic are consuming less alcohol than ever and are becoming more conscious about their health and fitness. To put an innovative spin into it, you can cater your health club or gym towards millennials which means making it trendier and more sociable. Since social media is booming now, it would be a good idea to incorporate it to your business. Concentrate on developing a strong, engaging and fun social media presence that will resonate among your target demographic.

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